Twinkle Twinkle Little Star 龍虎門徒


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Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Author: LAI TAT TAT WING Format: Paperback Number of pages: 200pp Dimensions: 140 mm x 210 mm Weight: 0.38kg Publisher: Hong Kong Arts Centre, Kubrick Date of Publication: July 2005 Language: Traditional Chinese Author’s bio: Lai Tat Tat Wing has been very fond of comics writing since he was a kid. When he was at school, he would distribute photocopies of his works to his classmates and friends. Over the past 20 or so years, he has been experimenting the form of comics. Lai Tat Tat Wing’s comics are widely distributed in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Latvia, and France. Examples of his works are Picking Up A Pig Tale, Woody Woody Wood, The Magic Flute, A Parading Zoo in Taiwan, Far From Frustration, Poisoning the Chicken Soup, Stand Behind the Island Line, Twinkle Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, East Wing West Wing, 2600 Years Ago, My Dog Can Draw, Horror Horror Woody’s Cube, The Pork Chops Inferno, The Meatballs Inferno, The Cupcakes Inferno and the more recent work Three Senses of Youth 1234. The Pork Chop Inferno received the Silver Award at the Japan International Manga Award in 2019. Lai Tat Tat Wing has also involved himself in theatre production and casted in a number of plays, e.g. children musical called The Magic Flute Playground, and The Pork Chops Inferno Theatre. Book description: A woman who is lucky for a lifetime—Cui Wa's Romantic love, Family affection and her life experience. In an unknown space, Cui Wa and her companion walked through the human world and Inferno. Under the condition of only one to live among two, what is the choice of Cui Wa? Remark: Please note that minor defect(s) might be found due to old printed products. 龍虎門徒 作者︰黎達達榮 格式:裝幀平裝 頁數︰200頁 尺寸:140mm x 210 mm 重量:0.38kg 出版:香港藝術中心, Kubrick 出版日期:2005年7月 語言:繁體中文 一個一世夠運的女子——翠華的愛情、親情及人生經歷。在一個不知名的空間,翠華與同伴走過人間與地獄,在兩個只能活一個的條件之下,翠華將如何選擇? 作者簡介: 自小喜愛畫漫畫,影印給同學傳閱。20 多年來以漫畫的格式作為實驗對象。其漫畫作品在香港、臺灣、拉脫維亞及法國皆有發行,包括《慢慢豬.凸凸交》、《木積積.中中值》、《魔笛》、《動物園臺灣出巡》、《咆哮脂肪》、《毒雞湯》、《港島線》、《龍虎門徒》、《東宮西宮》、《2600 年前》、《罰養犬》、《扭鬼鬼色木積積20 週年大長篇》和《十八樓燒肉》、《十七樓叉燒》、《十六樓油雞》及《青春耳鼻喉1234》。他更憑《十八》贏得第12 屆日本國際漫畫賞銀獎。多年來,他亦積極參與劇場創作,作品有兒童音樂劇《魔笛遊樂場》及《十八樓燒肉劇場》。 註︰因刊物於多年前出版,或會有瘕疵,敬請注意。

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