Special Comix Vol.03 特別漫畫 第三輯


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Special Comix Vol.03 (PRIX DE LA BANDE DESSINEE ALTERNATIVE, ANGOULEME INTERNATIONAL COMICS FESTIVAL 2010, FRANCE) Authors: STORYOF (Xiaojiang HU), DN (Yan TANG), SLEEPER (Xun ZHANG), YAN CONG, CHIHOI, LITTLE THUNDER, etc, total 44 art groups Format: Paperback Number of pages: 640pp Dimensions: 210 x 285 mm Publishing House: Special Comix (China) Date of publication: September 2009 Language: Simplified Chinese with English Translation Book description: The first volume of Special Comic was published by a group of young artists from an online comic community in 2003, including DN, Sleeper, and Storyof. Then Yan Cong joined. The project aims to encourage young creators to reflect real-life experiences and imaginative experiments through collaborations, exhibitions, and regular columns. They invite different creators to act as chief editor in each issue, discussing various topics and exclusively selecting comics artists and book designers to participate. With the aid of cultivating young creative individuals as well as preserving their talents and thoughts, they are devoted to create stories in unique and new perspectives with them. Special Comix Vol.03 featured comics by a number of authors in response to the same topic - Future. Remark: Please note that minor defect(s) might be found due to old printed products. 特別漫畫 第三輯(2010年法國安古蘭國際漫畫節另類漫畫獎) 作者︰胡曉江、唐彥、張迅、烟囱、智海、門小雷等,共44個創作單位 格式:裝幀平裝 頁數︰640頁 尺寸:210 x 285 mm 出版:SC漫畫(中國) 出版日期:2009年9月 語言:簡體中文,附英文翻譯 作品介紹: 《特別漫畫》始於2003年,透過互聯網組織青年漫畫創作者,由唐彥、張迅、胡曉江發起,其後煙囪加入。該計劃以集結作品合集、策劃展覽、定制專欄的方式鼓勵青年創作人參與反映真實生活體驗和狂想的古怪漫畫實驗。 每期尋找不同創作人擔任主編,共同討論選題,通過網路物色合適的創作人命題創作,並邀約有趣的設計師參與制作,以期建立起視角各異的獨特文本與切片,保存青年創作人稍縱即逝的才華和思考。 《特別漫畫 第三輯》收錄多位漫畫家圍繞同一主題——前途——發揮的想像。 註︰因刊物於多年前出版,或會有瘕疵,敬請注意。

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