Son of Formosa 1 來自清水的孩子1:愛讀冊的少年


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Son of Formosa 1 Authors: Pei-yun YU (Story) (Taiwan), Jian-xin ZHOU (Comics) (Taiwan) Format: Paperback Number of pages: 162 pp Dimensions: 170 x 230 mm Publishing: Slowork Publishing (Taiwan) Date of publication: February 2020 Language: Traditional Chinese Authors’ bio: Pei-yun YU (Story) Yu writes children poems and love poems, and likes to read aloud poems. Taking a stroll, she always watches the sunrise on beaches or around lakes. As a photography lover, she thinks the ever-changing morning glow and clouds are the most beautiful things in the world. Jian-xin ZHOU (Comics) Zhou specialises in image design, art education and children literature. In 2016, Zhou was awarded the first prize of the Hsin-Yi Children's Literature Award with a picture book Puppy and I. He has published several picture books like Missing Cat Posters, Tiny’s Big Adventure, The Squirrel and the Banyan Tree, Frangipani, The Maroon Oriole and Platform No.1. Book description: ● Best New Talent in Golden Comic Award 2021 In the 1930s, in the Qingshui Street under Japanese colonial rule, a little boy Kun-lin lived a carefree life with the companion of children folks and picture books. However, wars continued with demonstrations, air attacks and conscripts. After wars, this boy who studied hard and loved reading books thought he could live a stable life. Unfortunately, a greater darkness was awaiting… 來自清水的孩子 1:愛讀冊的少年 作者:游珮芸(故事)(臺灣)、周見信(漫畫)(臺灣) 格式:裝幀平裝 頁數: 162頁 尺寸:170 x 230 mm 出版:慢工文化事業有限公司(臺灣) 出版日期:2020年 2月 語言:繁體中文 作者簡介: 游珮芸(故事) 寫童詩、情詩,也愛朗讀詩。常早起到海邊、湖邊看日出、散步,也喜歡攝影。覺得世界上最美的是變化多端的朝霞和雲彩。 周見信(漫畫) 在圖像創作、美術教育與兒童文學之間遊走。2016年以《小白》獲得信誼幼兒文學獎圖畫書創作首獎,出版有《尋貓啟事》、《小小的大冒險》、《小松鼠與老榕樹》、《雞蛋花》、《小朱鸝》、《壹號月臺》等圖畫書。 作品介紹: ● 2021金漫獎漫畫新人獎 1930年代,日本統治下的臺中州清水街,小男孩焜霖在童謠和圖畫書的陪伴下無憂地成長。然而,戰爭焰火逐漸沸騰,遊行、空襲、徵召……誰也無法置身於外。終戰後,這個認真學習ㄅㄆㄇ(注音)、熱愛讀冊的少年,以為總算迎來安穩生活,怎麼知道,更巨大的黑暗正在前方等著他……

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