Mum’s Kitchen – Back to Basics 親廚–回味家常


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Mum’s Kitchen – Back to Basics Author: Dominica Yang 本書結合烹飪藝術及本地漫畫家包川田的繪畫,以漫畫記錄作者與母親親廚樂的溫馨故事。 The book combines elements of culinary art and comics by Hong Kong comic artist, Tweety Bao, through which the author retells her heart-warming cooking stories with her late mother. Format: Paperback Number of pages: 188pp Dimensions: 210 (w) x 250 (h) mm Publishing House: Hong Kong Arts Centre (Hong Kong) Date of publication: Nov 2021 (First Edition) Language: Traditional Chinese, English All proceeds from the sale of this cookbook benefit Priscilla’s Home and Fu Hong Society. Book Description: Love has no boundaries between age, health, race and gender. To love or to be loved is a blessing. Cooking can be shared, enjoyed, experienced with love and through love a treasure in our hearts, not just in our tummies. The cookbook Mum’s Kitchen – Back to Basics helps to support and spread the word for Fu Hong Society’s services for those with disabilities, more importantly it is a product of love of cooking, born of that special bond between mother and daughter, which is passed down from generation to generation. Mum’s Kitchen – Back to Basics by Dominica Yang is a mixed collection of some of author’s mother’s best loved recipes together with her recent family favourites and ‘sweet’ MUST-HAVES. Please support, enjoy and make a difference! Author’s Bio: Dominica Yang Born and bred in Hong Kong, Dominica Yang is the author of four cookbooks – all to benefit charities. Dominica’s love for cooking stems from her mother, growing up in a family where cooking and food are very much part of quality time and sharing with loved ones. Mum’s Kitchen – Back to Basics is a tribute to her mother and all proceeds benefit Priscilla’s Home for persons with disabilities, nested in Fu Hong Society in Hong Kong. Dominica is a keen supporter of art, culture and meaningful causes particularly to help those with dementia, disabilities, special needs and the less privileged. 《親廚–回味家常》 作者:楊余夏卿 格式:紙本平裝 頁數︰188頁 尺寸:210(闊)x 250(高)毫米 出版:香港藝術中心(香港) 出版日期:2021年11月(第一版) 語言:繁體中文、英文 所有收益將全數撥捐「健持之家」及「扶康會」。 作品介紹: 愛是無界限的 – 不分年齡、身體狀況、種族與性別。愛別人也好,被愛也好,都是一種祝福。烹飪料理是分享、享受、體驗愛的妙法,用愛烹煮的美食,不單可滿足口胃,更可傳達關愛,滿足心靈。《親廚 – 回味家常》這本食譜為支持和宣揚「扶康會」的殘疾人士服務出一分力,更重要的是,這是對烹飪的熱愛的心血結晶,源自母女之間的親情紐帶,代代相傳。 楊余夏卿的《親廚 – 回味家常》除收錄了作者媽媽的珍藏食譜外,還編進了她家族最近的摯愛食譜及必食的「窩心」甜點。 請多多支持,享受入厨之樂,更臻美善! 作者簡介: 楊余夏卿 在香港土生土長的楊余夏卿,先後已出版了四本慈善食譜。夏卿對烹調的熱忱源於擅於廚藝的媽媽,一家人與一眾良朋好友,於佳餚美饌中渡過了不少快樂的時光。而她別出心裁所炮製的家常食譜,除了能令人大快朵頤外,還希望可以回饋社會,為公益出一點力! 夏卿特以這本《親廚 – 回味家常》獻給已過世的媽媽;並秉承她一向熱心支持文化藝術和扶助殘障及弱勢社群的精神,將所有的收益捐付「扶康會」轄下的「健持之家」作慈善用途。