Moon Vase 「無」


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Moon Vase by Sara Hung This series is named "Nothingness". It is using the traditional European utensils combined with minimalist style; to shown the beauty of traditional craftsmanship and modern aesthetics. The clean and concise style connects an idea of "Nothingness". The functional ware does not have a "purpose", it just presents the "beauty" itself, and shows a new style of "neo-classical" feeling. 這系列作品命為「無」。以傳統歐式器皿作參考,結合極簡主義風格,創作出一系列融合傳統工藝和現代美學的器皿。 製作過程全是人手拉坯,以一體成型,加上人手雕琢,一步一步塑造形狀。特意用白色色調,追求純白的陶土,以及釉料配方,更清晰突顯器物的形態和線條。 乾淨簡潔的風格,更衍生一種「無」的意念。器物本身沒有一個既定工月,只是純粹追求「美」的形態和本身,呈現出截然不同的「新古典」感覺。 About Sara Hung: Hung Lok Man Sara is a Hong Kong-based ceramic artist who has been addicted to ceramic arts and striving for the perfect aesthetic since childhood, Sara graduated with a Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art) degree from RMIT University in 2020 and was awarded her Higher Diploma in Advertising from the Hong Kong Design Institute in 2008. As a ceramic artist, Sara applies the skills and knowledge developed during her career as a graphic designer. Her continuing life's journey and memory inform her artmaking as she integrates design theory and ceramic techniques to create her artwork. 關於洪樂敏(Sara) 1992年出生於香港。由一位平面設計師,發展成為藝術家。不斷努力尋找「美」的定義,選將藝術和設計融會貫通,擴闊「美」的可塑性。