Mayfly Island 蜉蝣之島


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Mayfly Island Authors: Shang-Chiao LI (Story) (Taiwan), Evergreen YEH (Comics) (Taiwan) Format: Hardback Number of pages: 160 pp Dimensions: 170 x 230 mm Publishing: Slowork Publishing (Taiwan) Date of publication: August 2020 Language: Traditional Chinese Authors’ bio: Shang-Chiao LI (Story) Li specialises in movie and drama creations. She wants to become a person who interprets, inherits and tells stories in the cultural field. Evergreen YEH (Comics) Yeh is currently an illustrator and a comics artist. Since 2019 Yeh has devoted himself to comics creations and has taught at Chung Yuan Christian University. He does quick sketches, writes and takes care of children in forests when there is no deadline to be met. Book description: A comics combining Austronesian culture and prophecy of ecological catastrophe. In the near future when ecologies on earth are being destroyed, and sea level rise due to climate change, the remnants of the world gradually form an independent island city-state. Mayfly Island is one of the existing pure lands in the world. However, this island is considered bringing an omen of misfortune because there is a legend of the island having an ability to call out storms. In such a ruined and resource-deficient world, main characters gently and bravely find their ways… 蜉蝣之島 作者:李尚喬(故事)(臺灣)、葉長青(漫畫)(臺灣) 格式:精裝硬皮書 頁數: 160頁 尺寸:170 x 230 mm 出版:慢工文化事業有限公司(臺灣) 出版日期:2020年 8月 語言:繁體中文 作者簡介: 李尚喬(故事) 目前以影劇類創作為主,期待成為遊走文化疆域的轉譯者、承接與講述故事的人。 葉長青(漫畫) 插畫家、漫畫家。 自2019年全心投入漫畫創作,也在中原大學任教。沒在趕稿的時候就在山林間速寫、寫作、帶小孩。 作品介紹: 一本結合南島文化與生態浩劫的預言漫畫。 在地球生態嚴重毀損的近未來,氣候變遷導致海平面上升,殘存下來的世界逐漸形成獨立的島嶼城邦。飄流島「蜉蝣」是這個世界僅存的淨土之一,然而能夠召喚暴風雨的傳說,讓它被視為帶來厄運的不祥徵兆。在這樣破敗、資源匱乏的世界裡,為了延續生命,主人翁們溫柔而勇敢的尋找他們的路徑……

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