Library & I’m with My Saint (Two-book set)《圖書館》、《我和我聖人》一書兩冊


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Library & I’m with My Saint (Two-book Set) Author: CHIHOI Format: Binding paperback Number of pages: Library: 120 pp | I’m with My Saint: 120pp Dimensions: 164 x 225 mm Publisher: nos:books (Taiwan) Date of Publication: December 2018 Language: Traditional Chinese Author’s bio: Born in 1977 in Hong Kong, Chihoi likes drawing since his childhood. He graduated from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, majoring in Food and Nutritional Sciences. Since 1996, the self-taught artist begins to release comics, illustration and writing in local press media. His comics appear in various international anthologies. Major comic books include the solo Library & I’m with My Saint (2018), Still Life (2003), and the collaborative Hijacking — Comic Hong Kong Literature (2007), The Train (2007). Some of his comics are translated in Italian, French, English and Finnish. Besides publishing comics, Chihoi also does drawings and paintings, to show in exhibitions. Book description: Library & I’m With My Saint, come as a two-book set. In Library, the stories centre around a mysterious library, where the readers cannot help but indulge in their endless memories, or they happily skip through the ever burning Book Inferno. I’m With My Saint is a selection of short stories previously released in various comics anthologies or columns here and there. Now it is the first time to publish as a whole in traditional Chinese language. 圖書館、我和我聖人(一書兩冊) 作者︰智海 格式:裝幀平裝 頁數:《圖書館》︰ 120 頁 | 《我和我聖人》︰120頁 尺寸:164 x 225 mm 出版:挪石社(臺灣) 出版日期:2018年12月 語言:繁體中文 作者簡介: 1977年出生於舊香港,自幼喜愛畫畫。1999年畢業於香港中文大學食品及營養科學系,大學時代起發表漫畫及插畫,見載香港報章雜誌及海外漫畫選集。著有漫畫集《圖書館&我和我聖人》、《大騎劫-漫畫香港文學》(江康泉合著)、《灰掐》(鴻鴻合著)、《默示錄》、《花花世界》系列等。部份作品譯有法、意、英、及芬蘭文。除漫畫出版外,亦從事繪畫創作。 作品介紹: 香港漫畫家智海漫畫集《圖書館》、《我和我聖人》一書兩冊,雙拼推出。 《圖書館》是智海近年陸續創作的漫畫作品,故事圍繞一座光怪陸離的圖書館,人們困在書海的無窮追憶中,或是穿梭於焚燒的「書地獄」仍能輕鬆踏步。 《我和我聖人》則收錄智海十多年來,在海內外各種漫畫合集發表的短篇漫畫,現今首次以繁體中文精選結集。

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