Grasping the Ends of Your Hair 抓緊你的髮尾


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Grasping the Ends of Your Hair Author: randomuselessdoodles Format: Binding paperback Number of pages: 44p Dimensions: 125 x 180mm Publishing House: flip &roll press (Hong Kong) Date of publication: June 2019 Language: Traditional Chinese Author’s bio: In three zines with stories born from everyday life, comics artist randomuselessdoodles expresses sorrows and anxieties in a comedic manner. Book description: “In ten years, we’ll see who hasn’t made their dreams come true!” A boy and a girl make a bet in their high school days. 抓緊你的髮尾 作者:不定期塗鴉 格式:裝幀平裝 頁數︰44頁 尺寸:125 x 180mm 出版:翻滾出版 (香港) 出版日期:2019年6月 語言:繁體中文 作者簡介: 不定期塗鴉以喜劇的方式演繹了日常生活中總會遇上的悲傷和焦慮。 作品介紹: 「 十年後,我們將看到誰沒有實現他們的夢想!」一個男孩和一個女孩在他們的高中時打賭。

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