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Folder 文件夾 - Before Collapse by Matthew Tsang 曾敏富 Limited Edition HKAC Exculsive Before Collapse MATTHEW TSANG MAN FU 2018 Graduate of Hong Kong Art School: Before Collapse is the artist’s response to an ever-expanding world – through population, technology, economy and society in general. Tsang poses the question of what might happen when these structures reach a tipping point and start to collapse, after which only ruins will remain. In his work, the human feet were originally suggestive of humanness, but in their transformed state became signs of fragility, melancholy, absence and loss, and stand before the more important questions of what will come next after their collapse. The outer shell of the work is cast in carbon, a medium the artist views as representative of a state of flux, being an interim physical state between solid wood and ash. Carbon, of which charcoal is made up, is in turn an important constituent of all life forms. The feet are clad in a contemporary and yet timeless style of footwear so that the image looks current but at the same time hints back to classical statuary. This is a reference to civilization, reminding the viewer that eras have passed after eras and humans are going to repeat their history time and time again. 限量版產品 香港藝術中心獨家 Before Collapse 曾敏富 2018 畢業於香港藝術學院 Before Collapse是藝術家對這個世界不斷擴增的人口、科技、經濟和整個社會規模的回應。 曾氏希望透過作品指出當這些結構到達臨界點並開始倒塌時,只有被破壞的廢墟會殘留。 在他的作品中,那雙腿本指的是人性,但是在他們的轉變下最後演化成脆弱、憂鬱、缺失和失落的象徵。而最需要大家反思的問題是在人類世界崩壞之後,將會有什麼來臨?作品的外殼 是用碳來鑄造的,因為曾氏認為實木和灰之間的臨時物理狀態可以代表流動,而炭則是構成 所有生命的重要部分。這實際上是藝術家對人類文明的暗示,提醒人類歷史只會不斷重複,一次又一次地上演。

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