Fantaisie Ordinaire


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Fantaisie Ordinaire Author: Kwong-shing LAU Format: Binding paperback Number of pages: 96pp Dimensions: 150 x 105mm Publishing House: Patayo Éditions (France) Date of publication: June 2020 Language: No Dialogue Author’s bio: Kwong-shing Lau, who spent his childhood in Kyoto, Japan, is deeply influenced by the Japanese comics culture. After returning to Hong Kong, he studied at the Department of Fine Arts at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. He has published over ten short comics series such as MDecomics and Ani-Wave on different platforms. His direction of creation has changed drastically since his participation in the Angoulême International Comics Festival in France in 2017. He frequently draws with pencil, creating the atmosphere with its tactile touches. While engage in the exploration of comics’ potential as a medium of expression, he also tries to deconstruct and rework what a ‘comics’ is. His comics works include Cube Escape: Paradox and Unknown Brothers among others. Cube Escape: Paradox which was sold globally was a great success, with the 100 limited editions sold out in four hours. His latest comics book Fantaisie Ordinaire is in collaboration with the Dutch composer Victor Butzelaar, published by Europe publishing house Patayo Éditions and is simultaneously launching in France and Hong Kong in 2020. Apart from comics, Lau is also dedicated in the production of animation. He has already created more than ten animation short films. Recently he has been focusing on drawing works related to social issues and was invited to participate in exhibitions such as Bangkok Through Poster in Thailand, The Art of Protest in Hong Kong and Eruption @ Lyon BD Festival in France. Book description: Fantaisie Ordinaire, the first French comic by the Hong Kong comics artist Kwong-shing Lau is officially launched! Originated and drawn by Kwong-shing Lau, collaborated with Amsterdam composer Victor Butzelaar, Fantaisie Ordinaire turns words into music scores and depict the story with synchronising graphics and melodies. Kwong-shing Lau portrayed this ordinary story with his diverse graphical compositions and perspectives—On a peaceful day, a man and a woman met somewhere; From the slow-going arrival and awaiting of the man, anticipated to the dressing-up of the woman—tension gradually built up along with the accelerating rhythm. And all of a sudden, the end unfolds… Combining reading and listening, readers will enjoy this heartwarming story in an innovative comics-reading experience. Fantaisie Ordinaire 作者: 柳廣成 格式:裝幀平裝 頁數︰96頁 尺寸:150 x 105 mm 出版:PaTayo Éditions (法國) 出版日期:2020年6月 語言:沒有對白 作者簡介: 童年於日本京都生活,故早期作品深受當地漫畫文化影響。回港後修讀香港中文大學藝術系,亦曾於不同平臺出版及連載短篇漫畫十餘部,如《漫道》、《Ani-Wave》等。2017年參展法國安古蘭國際漫畫節後,創作方向驟變。常以鉛筆創作,藉其筆觸強調氛圍;探索以漫畫作為表達媒介時的可能性,並嘗試解構重組「漫畫」。 漫畫作品有《Cube Escape: Paradox》、《Unknown Brothers》等。《Cube Escape: Paradox》更於全球發售,大獲好評,其中100本限量版更於開售後四小時售罄。新作漫畫《Fantaisie Ordinaire》與荷蘭音樂家Victor Butzelaar 合作,今年由法國出版社Patayo Éditions在歐洲及香港同步推出。除了漫畫,他亦埋首於動畫創作,至今合計共創作逾十部動畫短片。近期較專注繪畫有關社會議題的作品,亦應該參展多個展覽,如泰國《Bangkok Through Poster》、香港《抗爭的藝術》、法國《eruption @ Lyon 漫畫節》等。 作品介紹: 香港漫畫家柳廣成首部法文出版作品《Fantaisie Ordinaire》正式面世! 柳廣成原創編繪,邀得阿姆斯特丹音樂家 Victor Butzelaar 譜奏樂曲,全書以樂譜取代文字的敍述,呼應畫面發展的節奏。 柳廣成嘗試以多變的畫面構圖及取景角度,配合其獨特的畫風,講述這個平凡的故事——在平靜的一天裡,一男一女相約某地見面;從男子悠然的登場到等待,再過渡至女子的準備赴約——漸漸加速的節奏帶來遞增的緊張感,然後一瞬間迎來結局……讀者邊聆聽配樂邊閱讀畫面,經歷圖樂並茂的心動故事,感受不一樣的漫畫閱讀方式。