Chronos Express 時間列車


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Chronos Express Author: Bonnie PANG Format: Paperback Number of pages: 168 pp Dimensions: 151 x 210 mm Publisher: Bonnie Pang Illustrations (Hong Kong) Date of Publication: July 2023 Language: Traditional Chinese Book Description: Working at a café day after day, Lena, who aspires to become a novelist, finally received an opportunity to publish her own book. However, she struggled with writer’s block and was unable to write a single word. As the deadline was approaching, an express appeared outside the window which claimed that it could solve all the problems about time… Author’s bio: Illustrator and comic artist from Hong Kong. Graduated from the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2012, major in Geography and Resource Management, minor in Fine Arts. Went to pursue a master’s degree in Fine Arts at the Academy of Arts University, major in Illustration. Signed with the artist agency Astound upon graduation and began illustrating children’s books in Europe and the US. Comics: Heartwarming everyday comic Roar Street Journal won 3rd place in Line Webtoon’s webtoon contest in 2015. The webcomic ran for 3 years. Began the webcomic IT Guy & Art Girl in 2018, and published a comic book in 2020. Pang is currently a freelance artist who uses her art to spread messages about the love for life and the environment. When not drawing, she enjoys cooking, going for walks, and playing with dogs. 時間列車 作者:彭康兒 格式:平裝 頁數︰168頁 尺寸:151 x 210 mm 出版社:Bonnie Pang Illustrations(香港) 出版日期:2023年7月 語言:繁體中文 作品介紹: 在咖啡店打工度日,夢想成為小說作家的Lena終於獲得出版機會,可是她卻陷進腦閉塞寫不出一個字。隨著死線迫近,窗外出現了一架列車,聲稱可以解決所有關於時間的煩惱…… 作者簡介: 香港插畫家及漫畫家。 2012年畢業於香港中文大學,主修地理與資源管理學,副修藝術。其後於美國舊金山藝術大學修讀藝術碩士,主修插畫。畢業後開始與經紀公司Astound合作,繪畫歐美兒童書插畫。 15年憑窩心日常漫畫《Roar Street Journal》獲得「Line Webtoons」國際網絡漫畫比賽季軍。期後推出環保奇幻故事《Mindbound 》及於網上連載的情侶日常生活漫畫《IT男與藝術女》,20年結集出版《IT男與藝術女的戀愛冒險》。 現為自由創作人,透過繪畫觸動他人愛護地球及生命。不畫畫的時候,喜歡下廚,散步,和跟狗狗玩耍。

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