CMS天文調查隊 #1 天文台的神秘石柱 CMS Astronomical Research Team #1 The Mysterious Stone Pillar at Observatory


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《CMS 天文調查隊1 天文台的神秘石柱》 作者:步葵(繪畫)、娜歌妮(劇本分鏡) 格式:裝幀平裝 頁數:174頁 尺寸:170 x 245 mm 出版:Plug Media Services Limited(香港) 出版日期:2022年7月 語言:繁體中文 漫畫家︰步葵 漫畫家,擅長日系少女漫畫風格,多於原創同人圈自資出版,如《早上七時,第三卡四號門的她》。亦曾與已故的女小說家君比合作推出《漫畫少女偵探》及《成長路上》兩大小說系列,負責書中的插圖部份。 劇本分鏡︰娜歌妮 為漫畫燃燒僅餘脂肪的亡命之徒,擅長日系少年漫畫風格,以圖文小説《消失的文學部》出道。亦曾爲劉天賜先生《賜官講鬼神》一書擔任插圖作者。 作品介紹 《CMS天文調查隊》是香港首本教育與娛樂並重的天文冒險漫畫,由前香港天文台台長岑智明先生化身成漫畫人物,帶領大家縱橫現實與幻想的天文世界! CMS Astronomical Research Team 1 The Mysterious Stone Pillar at Observatory Authors: KURONSIRO (Comics), NEKORI (Storyboard) Format: Paperback Number of pages: 174 pp Dimensions: 170 x 245 mm Publisher: Plug Media Services Limited (Hong Kong) Date of Publication: July 2022 Language: Traditional Chinese Artist: Alice MA A comics artist specialising in Japanese girl comics. She has independently published original doujin comics like Girl Outside No.4 Door On Third Cart At 7AM. She has also collaborated with novelist Quenby Fung in publishing two novel series Comics Girl Detective and The Road to Growth, being responsible for book illustration. Storyboard: NEKORI An artist dedicates herself to comics creation, specialising in Japanese teenager comics. Her debut work was a graphic novel The Disappearing Department Of Literature. She is also the book illustrator of Chi Gun Talks Ghosts and Gods by Tin-chi Lau.   Book Description CMS Astronomical Research Team is the first educational and entertaining adventure comics series in Hong Kong. The former Director of the Hong Kong Observatory Chi-ming Shun turns into a comics character and leads readers through an astronomical world of reality and fantasy!