All the World's A Stage: The Art of Luis Chan Flagship Exhibition Catalogue 歡樂今宵:陳福善的藝術 旗艦展覽特刊


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About the Exhibition: Encounter the colourful spirit of Luis Chan on the fantastical stage. Luis Chan (1905-1995) is widely regarded as Hong Kong’s pioneer of modern art. Chan was known for his exquisitely-drawn realistic landscape paintings in watercolour at the beginning of Chan’s artistic career, earning a reputation as the ‘King of Watercolour’. Later, Chan’s works were mostly imaginative and colourful, depicting dreamlike scenes with whimsy. Developing his distinct artistic style, Chan transcended any genres of the art and culture. Chan’s works are matched by an equally vibrant personality. Coinciding with the Hong Kong Arts Centre’s 45th anniversary, this flagship exhibition explores Chan’s art and legacy in a thematic survey that highlights the artist’s perceptive portrayal of daily urban drama and identity, his love of narrative and storytelling, and his uplifting spirit throughout the tumultuous 20th century. This exhibition is divided into four chapters—'The Artist and the Critic’, ‘Hong Kong Through the Looking Glass’, ‘Luis in Artland’, and ‘Vision is a Many-Splendored Thing’—featuring Chan’s paintings from 1950s to 1980s where different visual expressions can be discovered in different state of creation. The exhibition presents Chan’s kaleidoscopic creative trajectory, inviting the audience to the fantastical stage of Luis Chan. This exhibition provides an opportunity to enrich extant research on the artist with new archival materials and a long overdue institutional monograph since the artist’s passing. 展覽簡介: 在妙想天開的舞臺上,再遇陳福善的色彩。 香港本土畫家陳福善(1905-1995)被公認為香港現代藝術先驅。繪畫生涯初期因細膩寫實的水彩風景畫而聞名,更獲得「水彩王」的讚譽;後期作品自由率性,色彩奔放,描繪出趣味盎然的夢幻景象,發展出自成一派的藝術風格,跳脫藝術文化裡的流派分類,同時與他充滿活力的個性相得益彰。 「歡樂今宵:陳福善的藝術」為香港藝術中心四十五週年旗艦展覽,以主題式研究探討陳氏的藝術傳奇歷程,包括他對日常都市戲劇性和身份的敏銳描繪,對敘事和故事的熱愛,以及在動蕩的二十世紀中展現的不懈精神。 是次展覽分為四個章節:「藝術家與藝評人」、「歌舞昇平:香港現代眾生相」、「福善藝遊幻景」、「妙眼看世界」,當中涵蓋陳氏創作生涯中五十年代至八十年代的作品,不同創作階段不同視覺表達,呈現了其猶如萬花筒般的藝術創作軌跡,帶領觀眾踏上陳氏妙想天開的舞臺。 適逢香港藝術中心成立四十五週年,是次展覽通過整理並詮釋新的檔案材料,從而豐富對陳氏的現有研究。陳福善於1995年逝世,他的紀念展覽曾於1996年在香港藝術中心舉辦。時隔二十六年,中心很榮幸能再次展出這位本地藝術家的專著展覽,向香港大眾呈現陳福善的藝術。 Contents 目錄: Preface- Dominica Yang, Chairman, Hong Kong Arts Centre 序言- 楊余夏卿,監督團主席,香港藝術中心 Foreword- Rebecca Ip, Executive Director, Hong Kong Arts Centre 前言- 葉思芬,總幹事,香港藝術中心 Foreword by Curatorial Team 策展團隊前言 My Grandpa, the Artist Luis Chan- Christina Lam 我的外公畫家陳福善- 林慧靜 All the World's a Stage: Modernity and Urban Drama in the Art of Luis Chan- Joyce Hei-ting Wong, Guest Curator 歡樂今宵:陳福善繪畫藝術中的現代主義與戲劇性 黃熙婷,客席策展人 A critical thinker and practitioner of painting-Luis Chan Vennes Cheng PhD, Associate Curator, Hong Kong Visual Culture, M+ 批判性的思想家與繪畫實踐者一陳福善 鄭秀慧博士,M+香港視覺文化副策展人 All the World's a Stage: The Art of Luis Chan 歡樂今育:陳福普的藝術 The Artist and The Critic 藝術家與藝評人 Hong Kong Through the Looking Glass 歐舞昇平:香港現代眾生相 Luis in Artland 福善藝遊幻景 Vision is a Many-Splendored Thing 妙眼看世界 Artist Chronology 藝術家年表 Selected Bibliography 参考資料選目

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