A Song of Freedom 自由之歌


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A Song of Freedom Author: SANDYPIG Format: Paperback Number of pages: 132 pp Dimensions: 148 x 210 mm Publisher: SANDYPIG PRODUCTION (Hong Kong) Date of Publication: July 2023 Language: Traditional Chinese Book Description: In the vast universe, there was a time when a small group of people were born with wings. This story is about an avian girl with wings but being locked in a cage and a young boy who dreams of soaring through the sky freely. For once the girl had a chance to escape from the cage and coincidentally met the boy. Since then, their story began… Author’s bio: Hong Kong based illustrator and comics artist. Graduated from The Education University of Hong Kong, Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Creative Arts and Culture in 2017, SandyPig is working with both traditional and digital media. She usually works on children's illustrations (including books and game card design). She is also interested in working on various creative projects. In the coming years, she is planning for several self-publications and projects, especially for animal rights. 自由之歌 作者:SANDYPIG 格式:平裝 頁數︰132頁 尺寸:148 x 210 mm 出版社:山地豬工作室(香港) 出版日期:2023年7月 語言:繁體中文 作品介紹: 在浩瀚的世界之中,曾經有一小部份的人類擁有過翅翼。故事圍繞著一個擁有翅膀卻是籠中鳥的翼人少女和一個渴望能在藍天自由飛翔的少年。而一次機會走出囚籠的少女,遇上了少年,兩人的世界因而開始轉動…… 作者簡介: 香港插畫家與漫畫家,2017年畢業於香港教育大學的創意藝術與文化榮譽文學士。傳統和電子藝術媒介均有涉獵,主要創作為兒童插畫(包括童書和卡牌遊戲設計),亦嘗試其他類型的創作,目前有計劃自資出版有關動物權益的繪本。

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