A Better Tomorrow 3.0 Fountain Pen Comics 英雄本色電影鋼筆手繪漫畫3.0

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A Better Tomorrow 3.0 Fountain Pen Comics Author: Shui-pan WONG ● Cover available in 2 versions | Colour/ Black & White Format: Hardback Number of pages: 190 pp Dimensions: 156 x 215 mm Publishing House: Shuipan Workshop (Hong Kong) Date of publication: June 2020 Language: Traditional Chinese Author's bio: Shui-pan Wong joined Jonesky Limited as an art assistant in 1993 and was promoted to chief comics writer later in the same year. His first work, Creation, was published in 1994. In 1995, he became one of the chief art editors of the company, and in the following years, he was responsible for the art of Jonesky Comics, Black Leopard, Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre, The Punishment, and Hero Sheds No Tears. Wong’s short solo works include Last Fireworks of the Century and Legend of Speed. He published his solo art collections fruitpunch and fruitpunch 2.0 in 2009 and 2013 respectively. He later joined Tato Press Limited, where he worked primarily on EGO. In 2016, he founded Shuipan Workshop, launching fruitpunch tee, fruitpunch 3.0, and fruitpunch 4.0. He published A Better Tomorrow 1.0 in 2018. From 2018 to 2020, he has finished A Better Tomorrow 2.0 and 3.0. Solo art collections fruitpunch 4.0, 5.0, 6.0 have also been launched. His new art work A Chinese Ghost Story was published in July 2021. Book description: A Better Tomorrow is a Hong Kong-produced movie in 1986. It is directed by John Woo and co-starred by Ti Lung, Yun-fat Chow, and Leslie Cheung. Ho and Mark are core members of a triad that distributes counterfeit banknotes. Since Ho’s younger brother, Kit, is a police officer-to-be, he decides to leave the trial after finishing his next deal in Taiwan. However, Ho is betrayed by Shing, a new member of the triad who is sent along as an apprentice, and as a result, he is sentenced to three-year imprisonment. In order to keep Ho silent, the gang sends someone to kidnap his father, who is then killed in the fight. Kit refuses to acknowledge Ho as his brother afterwards. To revenge his best friend, Mark travels to Taiwan and kills the gang members, but his leg is shot in the gunfight, leaving him crippled and leading to his downfall in the triad. Ho vows to start a new life after he is released three years later, but still, his brother refuses to reconcile with him. At the same time, Shing decides to kill Ho and Mark. Mark steals some confidential files containing evidence of the crimes committed by the triad to blackmail Shing. In the critical moment, Ho arrives to aid Mark’s escape. Kit, who is determined to capture his brother, soon arrives on the scene; touched by the bond between his brother and Mark, Kit decides to help them instead. Mark and Shing are killed when attempting to escape. Immediately afterwards, Ho handcuffs himself to Kit, and the story ends with the reconciled brothers walking together towards a crowd of police. In A Better Tomorrow 3.0, Shui-pan Wong used a fountain pen to redraw the final story of A Better Tomorrow, vividly depicting each character. “The 1980s and 90s was the golden age of Hong Kong film industry and witnessed a miraculous surge in action films. Among all, A Better Tomorrow, which starred famous Hong Kong actors Yun-fat Chow, Leslie Cheung, and Ti Lung, impressed me most. Not only did this landmark film herald a new sub-genre in Hong Kong action cinema, but it also won wide acclaim as a must-watch classic. The creation of Mark, the character played by Chow, the brotherhood between the three male characters, which was emotionally touching, and the theme song Love of the Past, were just some of the reasons why A Better Tomorrow has been one of my favorites. In 2016, the year when I founded my own company, I came up with the idea to create a comic book adaptation of the film — which received enormous support from the film company. I chose to use the fountain pen as my drawing medium because of its capability to optimally retain the liveliness and quality of the linework — line details produced using other drawing mediums are often smeared, if not lost, with the application of colours in the inking process afterwards. Even though it took a longer time to finish the work, I stuck to fountain pens, and hope that readers can feel my passion as they peruse my fine linework.” — Shui-pan Wong 英雄本色電影鋼筆手繪漫畫3.0 作者︰黃水斌 ● 兩色封面選擇|彩色/黑白 格式:精裝硬皮書 頁數︰190頁 尺寸: 156 x 215 mm 出版社:水斌工作室(香港) 出版日期:2020年6月 語言:繁體中文 作者簡介: 1993年加入天下出版社任寫畫助理一職,同年晉升漫畫主筆。次年推出首部作品《誕生》。95年擔任美術主筆後,先後參與多部漫畫作品,包括《天下畫集》、《黑豹列傳》、《倚天屠龍記》、《天殛》、《英雄無淚》等。個人短篇作品則有《世紀末煙花》和《極速傳說》,並於2009年及13年推出個人畫集《fruitpunch》及《fruitpunch 2.0》。 其後加入大渡出版有限公司,主要作品為《欲望之翼》。 2016年成立水斌工作室,推出fruitpunch tee、《fruitpunch 3.0》及《fruitpunch 4.0》,以及於2018年推出大獲好評的《英雄本色 1.0》。2018 至2020完成英雄本色2.0 和 3.0。個人畫集Fruit Punch 4.0、5.0、6.0 也相繼推出。2021年7月則於書展正式出版新作《倩女幽魂》。 作品介紹: 《英雄本色》是一部1986年出品的港產片,由吳宇森執導,狄龍、周潤發及張國榮聯合主演。子豪與Mark哥是一個偽鈔集團之重要人物。子傑受訓於警察學校,快將畢業,子豪遂決定多做一次買賣便退出江湖,可惜在臺灣交易時遭手下譚成出賣,被捕入獄三年。為令子豪守秘,臺灣黑幫派人綁架宋父,在打鬥中,宋父喪生,而子傑亦得悉其兄身份,從此兄弟反目。為替好友報仇,Mark哥隻身前往臺灣,在楓林閣酒家槍殺仇人,但卻遭暗算而變成跛子,自此在幫會地位一落千丈。子豪出獄後決心重新做人,但沒得到其弟諒解。譚成為除後患,決定把子豪和Mark哥趕盡殺絕。Mark哥暗中奪走幫會的機密檔案,要脅譚成,危急關頭子豪現身相助,而一心捉拿其兄的子傑最終被Mark哥的手足情義感動,加入戰團。在殺出重圍時,Mark哥與譚成中彈身亡。最後,子豪從子傑腰間取出手銬,並戴上自首,兄弟兩人終冰釋前嫌。 《英雄本色電影鋼筆手繪漫畫3.0》是黃水斌用鋼筆把《英雄本色》的尾段故事重新描繪出來,亦把每位主角的神髓繪畫得活靈活現。  「上世紀80,90年代香港電影業十分興旺,英雄片熱潮席捲全球,當中印象最深刻的當數由吳宇森執導,並由周潤發、張國榮和狄龍主演的《英雄本色》。該片除打造了Mark哥這個經典角色外,三人的兄弟情更是觸動人心,再加上一曲《當年情》,頓使這部電影成為經典中的經典,是我至愛電影之一。適逢我於2016年成立自己的公司,遂生起一個念頭,不如嘗試以漫畫的鋼筆技巧來編繪《英雄本色》這部經典作品。幸得電影公司信任,給予改編機會。鋼筆是其中一種最能表現畫面的技巧,因為很多時候漫畫在落色後便令畫面失真,看不到原有的線條,所以即使所需的製作時間比一般的長,我還是選擇堅持以鋼筆方式來編繪這部作品,一筆一筆地勾勒出心中的情景,務求讓讀者可以欣賞細膩的筆觸,感受到我每筆的誠意。」——黃水斌



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