3D DIY Ornament - Lion Dance 醒獅 3D DIY擺件

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3D DIY Ornament - Lion Dance by Paper Infinity 紙無限 Paper craft, as a traditional form of folk art, has been developing as time passes by and Eastern culture clashes with Western influence. It then became an innovative and ever-changing art form. Want to challenge your swift and skillful hands? Grab one and challenge your family and friends! 醒獅 3D DIY擺件 by Paper Infinity 紙無限 紙藝這項民間藝術,隨著時代變遷,東西方文化交匯融合,型態變化萬千。有意挑戰自己一雙巧手的你,又怎能錯過立體醒獅紙面具呢?

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